La famiglia si espande! Benvenuto Gio!

First there was Tara. Then there was Luca. Today is yet another joyful day. Today our family welcomed Gio. Ever since we got Tara we were thinking about a second kitty. But we made plans that had priority before we could think about a second puss in boots.

We had to finish our house (since two cats in an apartment is not a good idea when we were not even allowed to have one pet) and we wanted to start our family with a child. Recently we kinda finished taking all those steps. Our baby boy Luca is almost nine months old and since two weekends we moved into our freshly built house. Everything was set up to finally welcome a second cute little pussycat. And so the search began.

We got a little help from some friends and via via we came across Poncho. Poncho is an organization that helps out deserted and abused kittens and cats, places them in temporary homes and looks for good families where they can stay permanently. We really wanted a kitten and when we looked at the kittens they had we came across this cute little puss Eligio. He was thrown into a field and left behind to either live in the wild either die… Eligio didn’t only look cute, he really was cute. So we made the decision to go and get the little guy to give him the best home we can possibly give him.

The second we saw him we all fell in love with the small fella. 11/11/11 will always be remembered as the day our family grew into five members. Luca seems interested, Tara still needs to get used to the new family member. But we’re sure one day they will be inseparable…

Let’s all welcome Eligio or (as we are going to name him from here on) Gio!


~ door danielezeffirelli op 11 november, 2011.

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