Bye bye 2011

2011 was…

Thousands and millions of Africans were tortured in their quest for freedom. They sacrificied a lot to have South Sudan. It was also the year where almost a thousand Brazilians lost their lifes thanks to the floods in Rio de Janeiro. Tunisia knew a lot of problems and many Tunisians protested and stood through military repressions to have a better life. Moscow shook like almost never before with terror bombs from liberation warriors. Several dozens of people lost their lifes due to the statements these so called freedom fighters made.

Egyptians underwent the same as the Tunisians. Christchurch in New Zealand suffered losses and damages thanks to ground shaking terrors. About 170 people experienced their last earthquake over there. Japan had the same a few weeks later, but with more consequences. Sendai shook, a tsunami took over the place, Fukushima exploded and thousands of people lost their lifes or homes. After Tunisia and Egypt, Lybia follows, but with a lot more repercussions from the military regime. In The Netherlands a guy shoots six people and himself. The Ivory Coast had months of terror after new elections. Osama Bin Laden was killed. The Belgian cyclist Wouter Weylandt dies in the Giro. Bombings and killings in Spain after local elections.

Working men loose their lifes after the roof of the soccer team Twente in The Netherlands collapses. Norway shivers after an illuster terror attack. In Oslo a bomb kills several people and the man responsible shoots over 60 people on an island nearby. Several major English cities underwent intens riots after the shooting of a youngster by the police. The earth shakes in The Netherlands and Germany. Belgium in a political crisis. Almost two years without a government. That same country in a musical crisis. A heavy storm costs not only the lifes of several youngsters but also a lot of arms and other limbs… The former Lybian leader is killed. Again terror in Belgium with the killing of 5 people and wounding of 125 people in Liege.

But for me 2011 was…

the year where I built our own house. The year where we got our first and beautiful child. And the year where I started my own business.

2011 for me was…


~ door danielezeffirelli op 2 januari, 2012.

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