music revolves around sKrew

It all started with a small mail; “Hey, would you happen to have a job for me?”. It has always been my dream and passion to have something to do with and in the music business. I tried entertainment (theatre and plays, television and movies) before, but it wasn’t my real core business. The other aspect in entertainment, music, was and still is more than ever.

I never really was into music until I was like eight years old or so. I started making the old school vintage mix tapes on my small installation. I played with cassettes, cd’s, minidiscs and vinyls. Music had it all; the passion, the heart, the vibe, the story, the soul… I felt I could live my life through music, and music could live on through me and my life. With years going by, the passion and love only grew bigger. One day I realized I was too late to make it in the big leagues as a dj or a producer (I still like to play with those ideas, but it won’t be bigger than inside my own walls), but I wasn’t to enjoy parties and work on parties, events and festivals.

So the day came I wrote a small mail. A small mail that opened so much in such a small time period. A small mail that changed my world and my life completely. I was given a chance on one of the biggest events in Belgium and that day was only the start. With every festival and party that went by my hunger became bigger and bigger. For a few years I dedicated myself to the organization that gave me the chance to start something in music business. They gave me the opportunity and they gave me the idea that I had to start something on my own in this big and interesting scenery. But as the years went by my hunger was too big to be stilled by that one organization. It was then everything started going faster and faster.

I started working for other organizations as well and I started working together with other people with the same ideals and ideas. This all started last year. And only a few months later it hit me. I finally knew what I wanted to do on my own in the music business. Once the idea was in my head I couldn’t get it out anymore. I had to work it out and start everything up.

October 1st, 2011 was the first official day of my own business, my own company, my new born baby child sKrew! I’m still working everything out, but the past few months I realized in gathering some manpower behind me, partners besides me and clients in front of me. The organization that gave me the opening to start everything definitely is my top client. But sKrew aims further than that. Way further. There are over 30 festivals a year in Belgium and slowly but surely I want to conquer them all; the small ones as well as the biggest of the biggest. Belgium will kneel before the face of sKrew and acknowledge the importance of it’s services.

So if you are an organizer yourself and you have the same ideas as myself and you love music as much as I do, contact me. If you feel like stage managers, runners, drivers and artist reception are a necessary asset on your festival, please contact sKrew. The love for the music guarantees my professionalism.


Music revolves around me!
Music revolves around sKrew!


~ door danielezeffirelli op 28 januari, 2012.

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